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The purpose of the getting started guide is to show the functionality of the software through different practical examples. From building the cell in World Builder to moving the robots in the Runtime Application, each section provides an example and a practical task that helps the reader to learn how Realtime’s technology works.


Safety considerations

RapidPlan is designed to be used to find collision-free paths through space for a robot, and validate that currently executing paths are still safe. The system relies on accurate 3D-representation of the working cell, please ensure that the model you are providing represents the real cell, otherwise, there is a potential risk of collisions.

The MPA (Motion Planning Accelerator) should be only installed in the Realtime Controller. The Realtime Controller needs a cabled network connection to the robot, with low traffic and high speed. The Realtime Controller supports up to 1000BASE-T (gigabit ethernet), 100BASE-T is very common for robot controllers and has proven acceptable. Any component that could introduce delays in the system (wireless communication, saturated network,...) will affect the performance of the system.

To perform collision avoidance of dynamic objects the Realtime Controller relies on accurate sensor data describing the scene. Ensure correct camera operation and calibration before each use. The current system is not certified as a safety PLd Cat3 system and is not intended to be used for robot-to-human collision avoidance. A safety certified version of the system will be released at a later date for these applications. 

Setting up the controller and the robots

The Realtime Controller is plug and play - we deliver the hardware with the software already installed and tested. The Realtime Controller works like any other PC system. You need a keyboard, mouse, power cord and a monitor. Additionally, you will need an ethernet cable and a hub to connect the Realtime Controller to the robots and PLC. Please refer to the chapter “1. Hardware installation” for more information.

Example project

The different steps and tasks in this guide are based on a project example. There are different files, all based on the same project - each of them are linked to a different step. The following table shows which folder belongs to which chapter of this guide:

Folder Name


1. Hardware installation

Chapter 1: Hardware installation

2. World Builder

Chapter 2: World Builder

3. RapidPlan Configuration Toolkit

Chapter 3: RapidPlan Configuration Toolkit

4. RapidPlan Control Panel

Chapter 4: RapidPlan Control Panel

Download the project files here

View file

Here are some pictures of the cell. In this application, there are three robots in the cell which will perform assembly and inspection of a computer case. Two robots are equipped with electric screw drivers and will be picking screws from the screw feeder and fasten them to the computer case. The remaining robot is equipped with a camera and will be performing inspection of different parts of the computer case.

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