1. Hardware installation


Realtime Controller

The Realtime Controller is the main and only component of RapidPlan. It contains our proprietary hardware and software.


RapidSense is an add-on to RapidPlan and requires the Realtime Controller

3D Cameras

We support the RealSense D435 cameras from Intel. The system comes with 4 cameras. An additional set of 4 cameras can be purchased separately.

The following camera mounts for aluminum profile mounting are delivered with the product :




The cameras are delivered with an 8m cable set for each camera

Fiducial plate and Adaptor

The fiducial plate must be attached to a robot during calibration. We provide the plate and the adaptor for the robot.




Installing the Realtime Controller

The following additional hardware is required to operate the Realtime Controller:

  • Monitor with HDMI or Display Port connection

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

Connect the components to the Realtime Controller (connections are on the back), plug the power cord to an outlet and press the “Power” button.

Additionally, the following hardware is necessary to connect the controller to multiple robots

  • EtherNet cable

  • EtherNet Hub

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